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With Blessing and salutations upon the Holy Prophet, Muhammad and his Pure Household and hope for
many successful endeavours, as you know, Islam is a universal, comprehensive, complete and the final
religion. It is for this reason that the people from all walks of life and counties should be familiar with
this religion which promotes the alleviation of humans, and humanity on the whole. The only way
through which the above goal would be realized is by means of propagation of its reality, doctrines,
commandments and the] way of life prescribed in Islam.

Many of the Communication methods and techniques are evident today. Part of which is done through traditional ways such as using the pulpit, mosques, Husainiyas, religious organisations etc., while the other via modern means including cyberspace, social networks, satellite networks and so on. On the other hand, serving people has a distinctive position among other acts of worship in the divine teachings of Islam. From the viewpoint of the Ahlul-Bayt, peace be upon them, the school inspiring life, serving humanity has no boundaries. A true religion, taking inspiration from its divine guides, strives to take the burden off from his fellow human beings and serve humanity. A person’s religion, creed and caste does not play a role in this obligation. Although, serving the faithful is accredited to have special importance.

Introduction to Fajr Foundation

Fajr foundation was established on the 15th of Sha’ban 1439 A.H. (May 2018) by some of the Indian seminaries and religious scholars in order to serve the religion and the people in the holy city of Qom. The federation compromises of the following sections:

General goals and objectives of Fajr Foundation

1) To promote Islam in attractive and engaging ways 

2) To Help the people in need, especially the seminary students 

3) To encourage scientific research in order to promote Islamic culture 

4) To Publish and distribute Islamic books in different languages

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